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Pride Exhaust

Acura NSX 1997-1999 Header Adapters for 1991-1994

Acura NSX 1997-1999 Header Adapters for 1991-1994


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Our header adapters allow you to use factory or aftermarket 1997-1999 NSX tubular exhaust manifolds.

While the factory 1997+ exhaust manifolds do not flow as well as aftermarket header designs such as aftermarket full tubular headers, the factory exhaust manifolds can often be found used at used prices. The adaptor kit includes pipes, gaskets, and hardware. May require O2 sensor extension wires.

Our kit allows 191997-1999 style headers to be installed onto a 191991-1994 NSX with out modification. However the hardware included is larger than OEM so it may require using stock spring bolt hardware or over sizing the holes on the header


Pipes bolt to existing 1991-1994 catalytic converters.

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