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Pride Exhaust

Acura NSX 1991-2005 Straight Test Pipes

Acura NSX 1991-2005 Straight Test Pipes


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Pride Exhaust Straight Test Pipes for the Acura NSX are direct bolt-on for all 1991-1994, 95-99, 00-01, & 2002-2005 NSX's.   These do replace your catalytic converter. 

Our V2 Pride Exhaust system is a pretzel-style exhaust, giving the NSX a high-pitched tone and creating performance pushing back-pressure, therefore our exhaust system loves test pipes.

These test pipes will give your full system a higher pitched tone and improve horsepower.

1991-1994 NSX will include gaskets on the header, exhaust side and six bolts/nuts.

1995-2005 will include 2 donut gaskets, you will need to reuse your factory hardware.

95+ NSX will require a CEL Fix to prevent Check Engine Light (Sold separately for $80 additional). For off road use only.

Resonated test pipes weigh just under 7-9 lbs/pair.

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