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Pride Exhaust

Acura NSX 1991-2005 Resonated Test Pipes

Acura NSX 1991-2005 Resonated Test Pipes


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Pride Exhaust Resonated Test Pipes for the Acura NSX are direct bolt-on for all 1991-1994, 95-99, 00-01, & 2002-2005 NSX's.  The small resonators incorporated into our test pipes act like a glass pack or small muffler, designed to mellow out the tone of your NSX exhaust tones. These do replace your catalytic converter. The resonators are designed to break up the sound of each combustion, generating a smoother hum and reducing drone in the exhaust system.

Our V2 Pride Exhaust system is a pretzel-style exhaust, giving the NSX a high-pitched tone and creating performance pushing back-pressure, therefore our exhaust system loves test pipes.

These test pipes will give your full system a slightly higher pitched tone and horsepower.

1991-1994 NSX will include gaskets on the header, exhaust side and six bolts/nuts.

1995-2005 will include 2 donut gaskets, you will need to reuse your factory hardware.

95+ NSX will require a CEL Fix to prevent Check Engine Light (Sold separately for $80 additional). For off road use only.

Resonated test pipes weigh just under 9-11 lbs/pair.

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