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Pride Exhaust

Acura NSX 1991-2005 High Flow Catalytic Converter

Acura NSX 1991-2005 High Flow Catalytic Converter


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Pride Exhaust 300 Cell High Flow Catalytic Converter’s for the Acura NSX are direct bolt-on for the 1991-1994, 95-99, & 2002-2005 NSX’s.

Your stock catalytic converters are over 800-1xxx cells.  By replacing your stock cats with our 300 cell HFC’s you are getting a lot more flow. 

If your NSX has over 80-100k plus miles, your stock catalytic converter might be clogged or about to. Not to mention the huge weight difference between the stock cats compared to ours. 

These are 300 Cell Cats and might not pass smog in some States.  These are not C.A.R.B approved. 1991-1994 NSX will include gaskets on the header and exhaust side.


HFC’s weigh just under 10-13 lbs/pair.

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