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Acura NSX 2017-2022 ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System

Acura NSX 2017-2022 ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System

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Designed for 2017-19 NSX: The 2020-22 NSX requires modification to fit the liquid injection reservoir due to the additional dual horn bracket. 

Improve performance and consistency from the turbocharged NSX engine with the ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System.

The solution: 
NSX engine performance degrades from repeated engine acceleration load. To improve and maintain consistent engine performance, the ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System injects a high-pressure mist of water and methanol into the engine. The liquid injectors are installed in CNC machined aluminum plates which are installed between the factory manifold and throttle bodies. Liquid is pumped under high pressure from an NSX-specific liquid reservoir and the injection is modulated by an advanced controller which is triggered by engine load. This ensures that liquid injection is used under optimal conditions and conserves supply. The system includes intelligent fail-safes to ensure reliable operation.

JB4 Tuning Box integration: 
When used with the JB4 Tuning Box, additional engine performance can be achieved with lower octane-rated fuel. For example, when using 91 octane fuel and the JB4 Tuning Box, nearly identical performance can be achieved as 93 octane fuel with the JB4 Tuning Box alone). Compared to the factory baseline test, 92 horsepower was gained with adding ScienceofSpeed downpipes, JB4 Tuning Box, and liquid injection while using 91 octane fuel.

Testing results (wheel horsepower, peak):

  • factory baseline: 465 whp @ 14.5 PSI
  • ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipes: 477 whp @ 14.5 PSI +12 WHP gain from factory
  • +57 WHP - add JB4 Tuning Box (91 octane): 534 whp @ 15.9 PSI +69 WHP gain from factory
  • add Liquid Injection System (91 octane): 557 whp @ 17.1 PSI +92 WHP gain from factory

Click here for more information on testing.

The integrated liquid injection controller works intelligently in conjunction with the JB4 Tuning Box. The JB4 requests liquid injection flow, and then when flow is measured, the JB4 increases engine performance. This feedback loop allows for increased performance only when flow is measured. JB4 Tuning Boxes are already pre-wired to accept liquid injection inputs. A standalone controller is available for applications without JB4. This controller monitors manifold pressure and injects only when positive manifold pressure is measured. 

Performance without compromise: 
Liquid capacity is over 1 gallon - all without sacrificing trunk space! A large reservoir with an internal baffle is located in the front right corner which attaches to factory mounting locations. The reservoir fill-point is easily accessed from the front hood compartment and filled by removing the supplied CNC machined billet aluminum fill cap. The CNC engraved cap includes an integrated check valve. The liquid injection pump also secures to factory mounting points behind the front bumper. No useable space is consumed by the ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System!

Plug & play performance with failsafes:
The included plug-and-play wire harness cleanly integrates to the NSX, and uses high-quality weatherproof connectors and factory-quality high-temperature wire and insulation. All systems also include a flow valve that limits flow only when commanded by the injection controller and a failsafe pressure switch that does not allow the pump to run without positive manifold pressure (boost).

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  • Compatible with or with out JB4.
  • Use with JB4 allows 93-98 octane performance when used with 91-93 octane fuel.
  • Hidden aluminum reservoir means no loss of trunk or useable space.
  • Advanced microprocessor liquid injection controller progressively adds liquid injection flow only when needed.
  • Intelligent fault protection includes flow control valve and pressure switch.
  • Inline reuseable filter protects system components from clogs.
  • Plug-and-play plumbing kit including AN fittings, Teflon-lined braided stainless steel hoses, compression fittings, and tube,
  • Professionally made plug-and-play wire harness.


  • Liquid injection custom reservoir w/ internal baffle.
  • Machined billet aluminum cap with check valve.
  • Machined billet aluminum injector plates.
  • Liquid injection injectors.
  • Liquid injection controller (JB4 or stand alone integration).
  • Leak-free AN fittings, Teflon-lined engine bay hoses with AN hose ends, high temperature compression fittings, tube, and heat protective sleeve.
  • Inline filters.
  • Professionally made plug-and-play wire harness.


Liquid injection controller option:

  • JB4 integration: liquid injection controller for use with JB4 Tuning Box. Works in conjunction with JB4 to provide liquid injection feedback. Feedback loop allows JB4 to increase engine performance when liquid injection flow is verified. When loss of flow is detected, JB4 reverts to lower engine performance targets.
  • Factory stand alone: liquid injection controller for factory applications without JB4 Tuning Box. Liquid injection occurs when positive manifold (boost) pressure occurs. Progressive flow increases as boost pressure increases. Plug-and-play harness integrates to factory MAP sensor - no wire cutting or running of vacuum hoses required!
  • Charge Tubes: the liquid injection plates add about 1" of thickness behind the throttle bodies. Because of this, the factory rubber intake hoses need to be trimmed. Alternatively, the Pride Charge Pipes can be used instead which accommodates the additional thickness of the injector plates, so that the factory rubber hoses do not need to be modified.
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