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Acura NSX 1991-1999 Stainless Header System (Available Soon)

Acura NSX 1991-1999 Stainless Header System (Available Soon)

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Pride Exhaust headers for the Acura NSX.  These are a direct bolt-on for the 1991-1994 or 95-99 NSX (includes O2 sensor extension harness for the 1991-1999 models).

These were designed mainly for the 95+ and 91+ automatic models.

These can be fitted for the 91-94 models with the included header adapters but we still recommend our other 91-94 specific model headers for those years.

These will fit both manual and automatic transmissions

Our NSX header system incorporates a ball-joint pivot point replacing the flexible coupling used by other brands for their inferior header systems.  The ball-joints allow the headers to flex and pivot with engine torque independently from the rest of the exhaust system.  The benefit of this ball-joint system is the elimination of the OEM flex joint, which is prone to cracking under stress and over time.

The 1991-1994 model comes with pipe extension and harness extensions.

The 95-99 model come with harness extensions but not require pipe extensions.

These headers will also fit '95-'05 NSX's if installed with our '91-'94 Test Pipes and Exhaust System. Installation on a '95+ NSX will require additional O2 bungs on the test pipes.

All PRIDE EXHAUST products come with a 2 year warranty.



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